A little time at the Petit-Palais


On a beautiful day in March we decided to go for a boat trip on the Seine to view Paris from a new perspective. Before our trip however, we decided to have a little lunch at the Petit Palais in the 8th Arrondissement, with our wonderful friends Olivier and Francoise.  As we walked through the beautiful ornate archway there was a wonderful sense of light, space with beautiful paintings adorning the ceiling.

At the centre of the building there is a beautiful courtyard where the trees were in blossom and provided a feeling of calm. In March there were not many tourists so we had the space to ourselves for a short while.

Le Petit Palais is a beautiful place and we will be returning on our next visit for more than just lunch, the museum houses many wonderful paintings and is completely free, so an added bonus.

Inside the Cathedral


I have walked many times past the iconic Notre Dame de Paris and marvelled at the gothic architecture and carved gargoyles that are brought to life though the book of Victor Hugo. However,untl last week, I had never ventured inside. The main reason being the huge queues that you are usually greeted with, not something I enjoy.

On a grey day in Paris I finally got my opportunity to look around the inside of the Cathedral.

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In particular there was something very magical about the cloisters and the way the beautiful stained glass windows were lit. I was mesmerised. Most definitely inspiration for a creative moment!

Only in Paris


There is nothing more wonderful than a lovely warm cofee after a long walk around Le Marais on a cold day in Paris. A lovely waiter brought our drinks and the little messages written in the chocolate brought a smile to my face!

When asked what the wifi code was, he replied “I Love You”. Of course what else would it be. x